The first step of installing a CCTV camera is by checking whether all the requirements you need for installation are in the camera box, they should include camera, DVR, cords.

❑ Draw a rough sketch of your house as to where your CCTV camera is to be installed and make sure they are no obstacles in front of the camera. The most suitable place to locate the CCTV camera is behind the door or at the entrance for good full scan of the house. If you opt to install it outside the house it should be between the roof and the wall and make sure it is covered from rain and direct sunlight. The type of camera to installed is determined by its shape, its shapes are dome, bullet and box.

❑ When you have finished deciding as to where you want to install the camera, begin the work. If it is hard-wire CCTV camera press the cord from the camera to the house. Find a suitable room to be your monitoring station most preferably your home office or bedroom, continue running the cords into the room and connect the connectors from the other areas to the DVR. But in case you are installing a wireless camera no codes are required.

❑ Drill holes at the area where you want to install the camera. Screw the camera using the screws at the holes to fasten the camera as you do that make sure you are reading the manual for the installation guide.

❑ When you have finished installing the CCTV camera connects it to a power supply and make sure the wire are not overlapping. Since the camera cannot use direct AC voltage, the normal power supply of AC should be converted to DC voltage which is used by many home appliances. Connect the camera and make sure the DC voltage output is ideal or enough for the total camera installed so as to make the camera are not damaged by over voltage or under voltage.

❑ Connect the DVR to the monitor before turning ON the power. The monitor is turned ON first then the DVR. After you have finished the whole installation switch ON the power supply to check everything is working correctly. The DVR will first of all show a setup menu, for the adjustment of the camera position the monitor will give guidelines. Check if the cameras are working. Complete installation.